10 Reasons Why You Should Perform Oil Pulling

This oil pulling method you are about to see in the article below comes from the Ayurvedic medicine and it was used for the improvement of health and body detox. By doing it, you will remove all fungi and bacteria inside your gums, mouth, throat, and teeth. All you need is coconut oil or sesame oil.

The benefits

  1. Bad breath

Oil pulling reduces bad breath caused by bacteria in the mouth because it acts as a mouthwash.

  1. Gums and Mouth

This method prevents bleeding gums or gingivitis (inflammation of the gums that occurs when the bacteria in the mouth attacks the immunity system). Then, the bad bacteria makes mouth cavities which can be treated with coconut oil.

  1.  Jaw soreness ad tmj

This method soothes the pain from temporomandibular joint problems. Although it might hurt a little bit, it will pay off later.

  1.  White teeth

White teeth strips used for bleaching contain toxins such as tar, bleach, aluminum, aspartame, benzene, and fluoride. But, you can have healthy gums and whiter smile by applying oil.

  1.  Skin issues

By the usage of any of the oils above, you will remove skin toxins and destroy acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

  1. A migraine and headaches

The main reason for migraines and headaches is the toxin retention which irritates the nervous system. Oil pulling method will remove toxins and bacteria.

  1. Detox

If you are under stress and have a bad diet, then your immunity will become damaged and the toxins will spread all around your body, causing inflammation. Oil clears the bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

  1.  Liver and kidneys

This method reduces the kidney toxins and liver stress too.

  1.  Hormone Balance

Toxins accumulation inside you provokes imbalance. Oil pulling method regulates PMS and hormones.

  1.  For asthma and congestion

This method relieves bronchitis and asthma, both of them causing body inflammation.

 How to do the oil pulling?

Sesame oil eliminates viruses and inflammation, and because of that, it’s mostly used for providing anti-bacterial properties. But, coconut oil is as good as the sesame oil.

Each morning, on an empty stomach, take 1 tsp. of sesame oil (or coconut oil) and put it in your mouth to melt. Then, swish it for about 20 seconds and spit it. Do not swallow it since the oil is going to be full of bacteria afterward. At the end, rinse the mouth with some water and brush your teeth.

Source: organichealthteam.com 

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