Study Reveals: Manuka Honey Better At Killing Bacteria Than All Available Antibiotics

There are many sorts of honey in the world. Although the commonest one is the raw honey, in Australia was discovered a new type of organic honey, called Manuka.

It is produced thanks to the bees that consume the Leptospermum Scoparium nectar from the New Zealand’s Manuka tree and bush, which is a typical plant for these regions. It acts as a powerful destroyer and antibiotic which eliminates the dangerous bacteria.

Manuka honey fights superbugs

According to the Dr. Carter from the Sydney’s University of Microbial and Molecular Biosciences, bacteria resist to the antibiotics due to shortness of their effect. Thus, the antibiotics become completely useless.

In his report published in the European Journal of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology, he stated that Manuka honey is capable of elimination of bacteria that are more familiar to people these days. He adds that Manuka honey contains certain compounds such as methylglyoxal, which kill bacteria and improve the immune system.

Benefits of the Manuka honey

Manuka provides with a wide range of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antibiotic, and healing advantages. What makes it different from the other honey sorts is its capacity to destroy even the most serious superbugs such as Staphylococcus aureus.

Manuka honey treats cancer, lowers the cholesterol, treats diabetes, chronic inflammation, intestine problems, and eyes and ears’ infections. But, it’s most effective in the treatment of leg ulcers and skin wounds.

Nowadays, chronic wounds represent a big concern among people because their treatment is very exhausting and expensive. But, the Manuka honey has an incredible healing features for this problem.

The experts have already tested the Manuka honey on wounds. The results showed that thanks to its amazing antibacterial characteristics, the bacteria cannot resist to it. In addition, Manuka honey can kill all MRSA and MSSA biofilms in a wound.

Day by day, the demand for Manuka honey is getting bigger and bigger because it represents a secret weapon for prevention and treatment of every disease.

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