The Massaging Point Between Your Eyebrows That Will Change Your Body Forever

In today’s article, we are about to present to you a self-massage which is actually an acupuncture technique. It’s simple but very effective. All you have to do is to apply a little bit of pressure on your forehead. This method will treat headaches and sinus infections. So, the next time you start feeling similar pain, instead of reaching for a painkiller, try this ancient massage which was used even in the Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.

Why Does Applying Pressure on the Forehead Provide Benefits?

According to many scientists, this technique (which includes applying a slight pressure on certain body parts) can provide an amazing relief. All points on our body are related to an organ. Therefore, if you put even the slightest pressure on a certain body point, it means that you stimulate an organ! The points are particularly present on the foot, hands, and face.

Acupressure Points

What you should know is that there is a leading meridian which goes down the face center and the forehead. If you apply some energy, you are going to activate the energy center that can be found under the skin. Moreover, with applying some pressure, you will activate the flow of the energy which was previously blocked. In this way, you will restore balance, improve the whole circulation, reduce muscle tension, and stimulate the brain function.

GV 24 (Governor Vessel) is the name of the particular point, but you can also find it under the term Third Eye Point. It’s located between the eyebrows, above the upper bridge of the nose, exactly where it meets with the forehead.

By applying some pressure on this point, you will feel improved concentration, relieved headaches, and strengthening of the sense of intuition. You need to apply pressure from 45 seconds to 1 minute on this point. At the same time, you will receive many other rejuvenating effects, such as prevention of wrinkles, no sagging face, elimination of the nervous tension, and removal of the negative metabolism. Your blood and lymph flow are going to be stimulated, your skin will be firm, and accelerate any healing process!


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