The Secret To a Long Life Is Avoiding Men, Says a 109-Year-Old Woman

The oldest woman in Scotland, Jessie Gallan, who is 109 years old, reveals her secret to longevity, which many people worldwide found it too simple to be part of the truth!

Apparently, eating porridge for breakfast on a daily basis is just a part of her secret, however, the crucial thing for having a long life is to try to avoid men as much as you can.

According to her, men are the reason for women’s short life. She added that men shorten our lives and there are numerous women throughout the world that agree with this!

She claims that men bring more trouble than they are worth.

Jessie Gallan was an independent woman who has never married throughout her entire life. She worked hard as a child and left her home when she had 13 years. She rarely took a holiday.

In an interview for a Daily mail, she explained about her experience and her life, before and after she turned 100.

One of the caregivers which worked at the nursing home where Jessie stayed, said that Jessie Gallan is one of the most amazing women she had ever met in her life.

Unfortunately, Jessie passed away soon after the interview.

If you want to hear this woman and learn something more from her wisdom and experience, watch the video below:



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