Use This Japanese Morning Diet to Shed Some Pounds Easy and Fast

When Hitoshi Watanabe revealed to the public his morning banana regimen in the book “The morning banana diet”, it immediately becomes a worldwide hit. This diet is so easy and simple which doesn’t oblige you to make changes in your dietary habits. All you have to do is to eat bananas in the morning and drink water.

Together with his wife – pharmacist, Sumiko, he finally found the best way for weight loss. The created the method ‘Morning Banana Diet’ that helped numerous people worldwide to solve the problem with extra fat.

So, the method is each morning, as soon as you wake up, eat 1 banana and then immediately drink 1 glass of water. Then, don’t consume anything else until lunch.

Bananas are rich in resistant starch that promotes weight loss. When the process of fermentation begins, it enters directly in the large intestine and converts into fatty acids by bacteria, thus feeding the cells and improving the function of the gastrointestinal tract.

You are allowed to eat as many bananas as you want to feel full. However, Japanese don’t like to overload the stomach and for that reason, they follow the rule of 80/20, meaning that 8 parts of the full stomach go for the person, and 2 parts go for the doctor. Therefore, they consume only 80% of the meal.

Consume raw bananas, and after you eat the first one, you need to wait for 20 minutes. Then, if you still feel hungry, eat one more. The drinking of warm water stimulates metabolism.

During this diet regimen, Watanabe suggests avoiding alcohol and milk. At the same time, he recommends not to have your dinner later than 8 pm because sleep deprivation results in weight loss. Go to bed before midnight. For dinner and for lunch, you can eat whatever you want. Eat some fruits in between.

The effects of this method are due to the health benefits of banana, such as:

They are rich in fiber and potassium

They are rich in nutrients that improve the overall health

They are considered as super fruits

They accelerate the metabolism and keep you full

They are inexpensive

They reduce food cravings

They reduce cellulite

In addition, this diet method energizes the body, regulates the blood sugar, limits alcohol intake, and boosts your metabolism.


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