Here Are 17 Creative Ways To Utilize Used Tea Bags

The majority of people throw the tea bag after they stop steeping it inside the cup of tea. However, there are many other uses of the tea bags. Therefore, we have provided for you a list of 17 really cool uses of the tea bags that you probably have never heard of them:

  1. Compost Them

Avoiding tea bags with staples is a good idea, but in case you happen to use those, remove the staples before throwing them into your compost pile. Composting tea bags accelerate the decomposition process. It’s important not to use tea bags that made of plastic, so check your label just in case!

  1. Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

Carpet: Sprinkle a little bit of the dried tea leaves over the carpet and let them like that for awhile, before you clean them with your vacuum-cleaner. Fridge: To absorb smells in the fridge, put a few old tea bags in it. Trash: Put a few tea bags in your trash container in order to eliminate the bad smells in it.

  1. Create a Portable Air Freshener

You can scent the old tea bags with a few essential oils of your choice and keep using them over and over again in order to create a natural scent in your car.

  1. Make Gourmet Dishes

Take 1 or several old tea bags and put them in the pot of boiling water for your grain. As soon as it boils, remove the tea bags and then add the ingredient in.

  1. Stop Mice from Coming In

Pests, mice, ants, and spiders don’t like peppermint and get away from this herb. So, use your old mint tea bags to create a natural repellent which you will put by the door, in cabinets, or near mouse holes. If you want to enhance its power, put a little bit of peppermint essential oil on it.

  1. Make a Super Quick Mouthwash

Old peppermint tea bags are perfect alternative in situations when you are running late in the mornings. Put them in a warm water to create a mouth rinse and your breath will be fresh.

  1. Keep Grease from Sticking to Your Dishes

Old tea bags eliminate the grease and burned-on food on dishes. Just take several tea bags and put them to soak overnight in the dish. The following morning, wash them without even using soap.

  1. Treat Warts

Old tea bags, if moisten up with warm water and applied to a wart, can eliminate it. It won’t destroy it overnight, but be consistent and you will be amazed by the results!

  1. Keep Hands Smelling Fresh

Rub both of your hands with a moist tea bag in order to absorb the scent and prevent stinky odors on them.

  1. Calm Razor Burn

Take several old tea bags and first of all, moisten them up by the use of warm water. Then, apply them on the razor burn. It’s going to calm and soothe the razor burn and reduce that unsightly rash.

  1. Create an Oasis in Your Tub

Put a few old tea bags in your bath to soak or let the bath water run over them. It will make the bath smooth your skin and eliminate bad odors!

  1. Stop Poison Ivy

If you have noticed a blister from a rash or you suspect to get poison ivy, use an old tea bag to prevent spreading. Or, moisten that tea bag up with some warm water and apply it on the affected area.

  1. Use for Relaxation and Anti-inflammatory Properties

Puffy or tired eyes: Moisten 2 old tea bags with warm water and put them over your eyes for a couple of minutes and relax.

Sunburn: Take a couple of tea bags and put them on the body part which is affected.

Bruises: Moisten a tea bag with some warm water and put them on the affected body area for several minutes in order to accelerate the healing process faster.

Bug bites: Apply moistened tea bag on the bug bite in order to take the sting out of it and stop itching.

Toothache: Put a warm tea bag on the outer area of the mouth and let it soothe your tooth!

  1. Grow Healthier Plants

Tea bags will moisten the soil and provide it with a lot of nutrients.

  1. Stop Infections

Tea bags will eliminate infections such as pink eye, fever blisters, and canker sores. Don’t use a tea bag more than once when applying it to an infected area.

  1. Nourishing Hair Rinse

Make a weak tea out of old and used tea bags and rinse your hair with it after you have shampoo it like you normally do.

  1. Use as a Homemade Dye

Steep some old tea bags in warm water to make brown, green, or orange tones. You can dye paper, cloth, cards, crafts, and etc. They are the best non-toxic dye for your children! You might even use them to dye hair or wood.


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