Here Are the Several Amazing Health Benefits of the “Forbidden Fruit” Quince

People who are on a raw diet based on fruits and veggies know that one of the best things about it is the discovering and consumption of lesser-known or exotic types of products. Quince is one of the fruits which was considered by the historians to be the ‘forbidden fruit’ which was eaten in the Bible.

It can be hard to find it in the local stores or markets because of its cultivation. So, whenever you run into it, grab as many as you can because this fruit is a real miracle when it comes to providing incredible health benefits.

This forbidden fruit will provide you with the following amazing health benefits:

It is extremely rich in antioxidants which help you to fight against the free radicals

It’s abundant in vitamins A and C

It fights gastric ulcer problems

It provides big digestive support

Its high content of potassium lowers the high blood pressure

Moreover, you can soak its seeds in order to get a gel-like substance which can soothe skin inflammation and provide digestive support (if consumed internally).

Usually, quince is harvested in the autumn, but you can find it in throughout the whole year, too.

For those who have never tried it yet: its taste is somewhat between an apple and a pear, so it can be used in similar ways for cooking as these two fruits. This is a firm fruit, so people usually cook it to make it softer. Some people use it in the recipes for apple pies in order to give them more of a balance.

Quince might be a little bit expensive than the other fruits in the market, but it’s definitely worth it, especially for people who want to mess things up and to try something unusual and new in their cuisine.


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