Mix Lemon And Garlic And Clear The Heart Passages

The following combination is mostly used as a dressing for salads or soups. But, only a small group of people know that this lemon-and-garlic combination is beneficial for the human health. When mixed, both ingredients unclog the arteries, improve the blood flow, and lower the LDL cholesterol.

The LDL cholesterol occurs as a result of the high cholesterol and it might even lead to a heart attack. Although there are numerous products and medications on the market for lowering of the high cholesterol, they are ineffective and might cause some side-effects. Therefore, in today’s article, we provided for you completely natural recipes for clearing the heart passages and lowering of the LDL cholesterol:


6 lemons

30 cloves garlic

First of all, cut the garlic and then peel and cut the lemons. Put them in a blender and add some water. After you blend it, put the mixture in a pot for 5 min and after that, put it in a jar. Refrigerate it. Consume 50 ml of it for 3 weeks and then make a short pause of 7 days. Repeat for 3 more weeks.


1 cup of ACV

1 cup of garlic juice

1 cup of ginger water

1 cup of lemon juice

Put all of them in pot and boil them for 30 minutes. Then, add 3 cups of honey. As soon as the mixture cools down, put it in a jar and refrigerate it. Consume 1 tbsp. on a daily basis, before breakfast.

Source: organichealthuniverse.com

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