Prevent Infections, Cancer and High Blood Pressure by Combining These 3 Simple Ingredients

One of the most powerful natural remedy in the whole world is undoubtedly the combination of garlic, ACV, and honey. Although each of the ingredients contains amazing health properties, when combined together, their potency is even stronger. The best thing about it is that it boost your general health and its components can be found in each cuisine.


Garlic lowers the cholesterol, improve the blood flow, and reduce the blood pressure. It’s rich in selenium which fights against free radicals and prevents cellular damage. Because of it, garlic treats cancer effectively. Moreover, it contains antiviral, anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties that protect the immunity by fighting infections and bacteria. It’s best when consumed raw.


Apple cider vinegar contains miraculous medicinal characteristics that fight against numerous health issues, such as candida, allergies, sinus infections, high cholesterol, gout, acne, sore throat, dermatitis, chronic fatigue, acid reflux, and arthritis.


Honey is definitely the elixir of nature because is abundant in minerals, enzymes, and vitamins. Moreover, it contains amazing antiseptic properties that regulate the levels of sugar in your blood by preventing sugar spikes.

To sum up, each of the ingredients is super potent on their own, but when combined altogether in a mixture, they power is even greater. The following recipe for this natural remedy lower the blood pressure, protects your overall health, cures infections, treats asthma, protects from the flu, prevents arthritis, impotence, and cancer. Its preparation is easy and simple: just put everything in a blender and mix them. Then, pour the mixture in a glass jar and store it with a lid. Keep it in the fridge.

ACV, Garlic and Honey Mixture

Ingredients you will need:

10 garlic cloves

1 cup of ACV

1 cup of organic honey


Eat a couple of teaspoons of it each morning on an empty stomach before breakfast. Consume it 5 days in a row since after the fifth day, it loses its medicinal properties.


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