How to Prepare Natural Homemade Anti-Snoring Cure

Many people worldwide deal with snoring, insomnia, or disrupted sleep. Snoring in fact, is an extra mucus which is trapped which cause annoying sleeping difficulties. But, once you learn how to get rid of it, you will prevent its occurrence for good.

Therefore, we have provided for you a recipe which was recommended by a reader of ours who tried to solve the snoring problems her husband had. As soon as he tried her anti-snoring cure, he said farewell to the snoring and never snoring again!

The recipe below which was recommended by this woman is completely natural and it’s going to clean effectively the mucus from the air pathways. Her husband consumed it each night before bedtime and never snored again!

All you have to do is to buy certain fresh and organic veggies and fruits, without harmful pesticides and chemicals.


2 carrots

2 apples

1 ginger

¼ of a lemon

½ cup of water


Put all of the ingredients in a blender and blend in order to get a creamy and fine texture!


Consume it a couple of hours before going to bed and then avoid foods and drinks that disrupt sleep, such as alcohol, processed sodas and foods, chocolate, and fried food.


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