Detailed Instructions On How To Grow Mint at Home And 12 Reasons Why You Should Start Now

Mint, or also known under the term Mentha, is a group of herbs which belongs to the Lamicaceae family. It has very pleasant flavor and aroma. Besides that, it contains cooling properties and because of that, it is added to products like toothpaste, ointments, mouthwash, or bubble baths.

Take a look at the following 12 reasons why you need to have to plant mint in your own house:

Stimulates digestion – Mint relieves digestive issues easily like for instance indigestion due to its capacity to boost digestion and soothe the stomach. It is rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants which boosts the digestive enzymes production, thus relieving any kind of problem on the digestive tract. Drink several cups of mint tea on a daily basis and say farewell to the bloating and indigestion.

Relieves nausea and headaches – Due to its potent taste and aroma, mint reduces migraines and headaches. You can either drink 1 cup of mint tea or just rub some fresh mint on the forehead to stop the pain.

Stops hiccups – Mint water stops hiccups effectively. Just drink 1 glass of mint water in order to stop hiccups and refresh your body.

Treats inflammation and tenderness during breastfeeding – Mint treats inflammation, tenderness, and pain during breastfeeding. All you have to do to relieve the discomfort is rub a mint leaf on the breasts.

Boosts your memory – According to studies, mint may be used in aromatherapy to boost the thinking process and memory. It relieves forgetfulness too. Therefore, drink several cups of mint tea on a daily basis.

Treats cough and other respiratory issues – Thanks to its intense smell, mint eases the breathing process and treats respiratory issues effectively. In case of colds, rub a natural mint cream or some fresh mint leaves on your chest. To improve the breathing process, drink mint tea or inhale it a few times on a daily basis.

Promotes weight loss – Due to its capacity to boost the production of digestive enzymes, mint promotes weight loss as well.

Reinforces the immune system – Mint is rich in calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins C, B, D and E and phytochemicals that reinforces the immunity to prevent colds and numerous infections.

Assists in the treatment of cancer – Mint assists in the cancer treatment on the skin, liver, colon, and lung. Studies have it that mint can prevent the supply of blood in cancer cells, which results in more efficient radiation treatment and chemotherapy.

Treats asthma – Due to its high content of rosmarinic acid, a compound rich in antioxidant properties, mint prevents the allergy which triggers the asthma.

Improves your mood – Just a sniff of mint would be enough to improve your memory and mood. Mint boosts the serotonin production in your brain and improves the mood instantly.

Improves oral health – Thanks to the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties the mint contain, it is widely used in the oral industry for prevention of bacteria expansion in the mouth. Just rub several mint leaves on your gums and teeth on a daily basis in order to boost the oral health and prevent numerous problems.

How to grow mint in your own house  – Take one pot and fill it with soil. Then, just plant a mint leaf in it. Place the pot in a sunny location and as soon as it reaches 6 inches, trim it. Trim the flower buds in order the herb stays in place. Do not harvest more than 1/3 of the leaves in order not to lose the plant. Then, use the mint leaves to improve the overall health and to give your meals a nice flavor as well.


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