Here Are The 20 Foods You Should Avoid If You Have Diabetes

Diabetics have a limited span of foods to consume. They know how important is for them to control the food they eat a daily basis. So, take a look at the following list of 20 foods which you have to avoid if you are diabetic:

  1. DRIED FRUITS – Although people think there is nothing wrong with this treat since they are rich in fiber, they are not good choice for diabetics.
  2. RICE, WHITE FLOUR, AND BREAD – If you suffer from diabetes, you are advised not to consume sugary food. But, that’s wrong. For example, low-quality carbs like grain, bread, or pasta, contain the same impact to sugars as soon as the digestive procedure begins.
  3. FULL-FAT MILK PRODUCTS – These items are high in saturated fat. They are going to increase the bad LDL cholesterol and increase the risk of heart disease.
  4. FATTY MEATS – They are extremely rich in saturated body fats, which increase the cholesterol and the risk for heart issues.
  5. PASTRIES – Doughnuts and cinnamon rolls are extremely rich in processed white-colored flour. Moreover, they are rich in sugar, carbohydrates, and body fats.
  6. FRIED MEALS – We don’t even have to advise you against this kind of food since deep-fried meals are damaging your health in so many ways.
  7. ALCOHOL – It mess with the blood sugar, that is an especially unfortunate thing for diabetics.
  8. FRUIT JUICE – Raw fresh fruits are recommended to diabetics due to their high content of dietary fiber and carbs. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the fresh fruit juice.
  9. SWEET FOODS – All meals that contain sugar including soda pops and candies are bad for diabetics since they increase the sugar levels in the blood and reduce the minerals and vitamins.
  10. CEREAL – Although people consider them as a perfect breakfast option, take a deeper look in this type of food.
  11. ENERGY BARS – Diabetics should pay special attention to these energy or sports bars because they contain sugars and carbs.
  12. BANANAS AND MELONS – Melons and bananas have more sugars than all other fruits which increase the sugar levels in the blood.
  13. COMBINED COFFEE – Coffee are high in sugar. When combined in syrup, toppings, or pulled cream, they are even richer with fats and sugars.
  14. PROCESSED MEAT – Meats of the refined variety are not good for diabetics because they contain an excess amount of salt.
  15. NON-HOMEMADE SMOOTHIES – Smoothies which you buy from the markets might contain additional sugars which kills the entire purpose of the ‘healthy’ smoothies.
  16. CHINESE MEALS – No matter how delicious they might be, Chinese meals are rich in body fat, salt, carbs, and calories which will spike the blood glucose amounts.
  17. 1 FLAVORED DRINKING WATER – This type of water contains extra sugar and carbohydrates, which means it’s extremely harmful for diabetics.
  18. PURCHASED PIZZAS – Only one slice of bought pizzas have excess calories that diminish your weight loss programs.
  19. NACHOS – No matter if you consume them as a primary course or an appetizer, nachos are rich in calories, fats, and carbs.
  20. HAMBURGERS – Although they are one of the favorite meals in the States, this meal is prohibited for diabetics because they contain saturated body fat which increase your cholesterol.


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