Boost Brain Health, Reverse Inflammation and Achieve Even More Using These Amazing Six Herbs

In order to flavour up our meals, we use a diverse spices which provide numerous health benefits. For instance, oregano is a potent antibacterial agent and turmeric reduces the asthma symptoms and inflammation. However, a pinch of each spice won’t give you all the benefits. In such cases, you should take the following 6 herbal supplements to improve your health to the maximum extent:

Ginger – Studies have it that ginger neutralizes the negative side-effects of chemotherapy and relieves morning sickness. In addition, in cases of morning sickness, ginger extract was proved to work better than Dramamine. To solve this problem, put ¼ tsp. of ginger extract and water in a pot, let it boil, and drink the mixture with some honey. Or, take 500 mg. of this extract in the form of pills. But, in case of pregnancy, be aware of it and don’t use more than 2 gr. on a daily basis.

Sage – For centuries, it has been commonly used to improve the brain health and to fight against sore throat. It treats Alzheimer’s diseases by blocking the enzymes targeted by the drugs for memory loss. To treat memory loss and Alzheimer’s, take 30 drops of sage extract several times on a daily basis. For sore throat, just gargle some sage tea twice on a daily basis.

Garlic – It has anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. According to studies, garlic fights inflammation and prevents atherosclerosis by reducing the bad LDL cholesterol. To improve the arterial health, take 200 mg. of garlic supplements on a daily basis. But, if you take warfarin or aspirin don’t take garlic extract since it thin the blood and might provoke blood loss.

Oregano – It’s a potent antibacterial tool that fights off infections and reduces body inflammation. Experts have it that oregano oil treats diarrhea, although it’s mainly used against respiratory problems. It treats colds and flu, and the best way to use it is to consume 20 drops of oregano oil diluted in 4 oz. of water, four times on a daily basis.

Turmeric – It also has potent anti-inflammatory properties which relieve pain provoked by osteoarthritis, arthritis, and other inflammatory issues. Experts have it that just a pinch of turmeric powder would be enough to reduce inflammation. If you use it as supplement, take 4 gr. of turmeric on a daily basis.

Peppermint – It’s the best herb for soothing the stomach problems. It treats numerous digestive issues. Peppermint coated capsules treats the IBS symptoms and go directly in the intestines. There, they provide an antispasmodic and soothing effect that relieves diarrhea and constipation. So, in case of IBS, drink several cups of peppermint tea on a daily basis or take 2 capsules.


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