The 5 Most Common Types of Belly Fat and Step-by-Step Advice on How to Get Rid of Them

Stomach fat deposits affect the human health in a negative way. Moreover, these deposits make you feel quite bad and lower your self-confidence and self-esteem. Thus, all you want to do is trying to hide them under your clothes. But, if you want to get rid of these excess deposits, first of all you need to find the root cause for their occurrence.

Abdominal deposits might be caused by numerous things, including unhealthy food consumption, weight gain, certain medical conditions, and sedentary lifestyle. Studies proved that there exist 5 types of belly fat that have different causes.

Bloated belly – A bloated belly occurs as a result of digestive issues. Most of the time, it’s accompanied by flatulence. If you want to get rid of it, you should drink probiotics and a lot of water.

Postnatal belly – This belly type is normal after you give birth. But, if you want to eliminate it, you should start doing some exercising and to massaging the body part.

Alcohol belly – Increased alcohol consumption (wine and beer included) has a high amount of calories and might affect your digestive system in a negative way. To eliminate this alcohol belly, try to reduce the drinking of alcohol. Instead, try to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Hormonal belly – This belly fat is caused by hormonal imbalances. It might even lead to weight gain. To get rid of it, first of all check your hormones and get them under control. Then, make some changes in your diet.

Stress belly – Excess stress and sleep disorders might lead to abdominal fat. To get rid of this belly fat, increase your sleeping hours, reduce the caffeine intake, and lower the stress levels.


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