Immediately Relax and Calm Down a Crying Baby By Massaging These 10 Stress Points

This article tells about a traditional Chinese technique which is also known as reflexology. In fact, it’s about applying pressure to certain body points in order to treat numerous ailments and to reduce pain.

Nowadays, a lot of parents start using reflexology to reduce their babies’ pain and to stop them from crying and aching.

So, below you can find 6 ways of using reflexology in order to lower the pain your baby experience. According to experts, all you have to do is press these 6 below-listed points on your body to stop them from crying.

A headache and toothache – Massage the babies’ tips of their toes. You can do that easily when they’re asleep.

Sinus pain – Massage their soles beneath the toes. Don’t press hard.

Chest congestion – Massage their soles above the foot arch in a circular motion so to eliminate congestion and coughing.

Stomach pain – Massage their toes’ center. This body part is connected to the solar plexus, that in fact is a collection of nerves in the stomach and lungs.

Abdominal pain – Massage their foot between the soles and the middle to heartburn, constipation, and indigestion.

Pelvic pain – In case some of the body parts develop faster than the others, the baby may suffer from pain in the hips. In order to get rid of it, massage their heel.

Smaller issues of a similar kind can be treated with reflexology, whereas some bigger health problems should be dealt by a medical professional.


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  1. Immediately Relax and Calm Down a Crying Baby By Massaging These 10 Stress Points

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