Make a Huge Difference To Your Healthy With 15 Minutes of Walking

The majority of people don’t consider walking as a type of exercise and many of them even underestimate its health benefits. According to French study which lasted for about twelve years, the mortality rate of people above 64 years was lowered by 22% only by walking. Besides, a 15-minute walk on a daily basis significantly improved the overall health of the patients, too. Experts add that age is by no means an excuse for being physically inactive. Moreover, it’s commonly known that no medications can replace the physical exercises.

Do not be surprised by the following information:

Scientists proved that walking tremendously affect our health. Although many people don’t consider walking as an exercise, actually it’s an aerobic exercise. The majority of people take walking for granted, however it’s an important exercise that improve the cardiovascular, circulatory, and respiratory operations of the body. The walking pace determines the rate of the aerobic exercise. By so doing, you don’t store your energy in the body. On the contrary, it’s used for burning fats.

People are aware of the fact that sentary lifestyle provokes many diseases. This, in combination with lack of exercises, results in “Sedentary Death Syndrome”, which has become an enormous public problems nowadays.

A Walk of Life

In a study conducted in 2016 on obese kids it was proved that walking increases their lung capacity in only 6 weeks. In addition, by increasing the walking pace, they improved their overall physical condition and at the same time, increased their fitness level. Besides, walking can provide numerous other positive health benefits.

It improves the mental health. Walking in nature and outdoor improves the mood, prevents depression, and reduces stress levels. Being exposed to sunshine provides the body with a vitamin D which the body needs to function properly. Unfortunately, a lot of people are vitamin D deficient.

Take a Walk in a Park

The more time you spent on doing exercises, the more you lower the risk of injuries! Exercising positively impacts the body. In fact, walking strengthens the bone and connective tissue, accelerates the blood flow and supply, and improves the supply of nutrients.

World Health Associations support and promote walking because they believe it can lower cholesterol levels, prevent hypertension, and prevent strokes and diabetes.

It is recommended to have at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity on a daily basis in order to experience its benefits. It don’t have to be performed by one go. You can do it in divided walks throughout the whole day. Either way, you will obtain the same results. But, the health benefits of walking don’t end here! Walking is highly beneficial for people who have difficulties in falling asleep.

In Addition, scientists proved that moderate exercising every day eases the process of falling asleep and at the same time, increases the sleep duration in people. This is highly beneficial for people suffering from sleep disorders, including insomnia.

To Sum Up

On the basis of the results derived from various studies examining the walking effects, it was concluded that walking undoubtedly has a huge impact over our general health. Walking reduces by 30% the risk of cardiovascular diseases and lowers the mortality rates by preventing from many health diseases.

Every person can dedicate 15 minutes on a daily basis for walking. Therefore, all of your excuses for not walking are lame. All you have to do is to follow the instructions that your body sends to you. Thus, you will know for sure when it’s the time to increase or lower the level of exercise or the walking pace. Take a pair of good sneakers and go immediately to the park! It will take you, no more nor less, but 15 minutes to see the difference!

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