Benefits of Frozen Aloe Vera and Why You Must Have It at Home

All of us have heard about the health benefits of Aloe gel. However, did you know the fact that frozen Aloe gel is easier and far more beneficial for using? Aloe Vera is an inevitable part of the traditional Ayurveda medicine. Thanks to its incredible benefits for the skin, it was used in various tonics and lotions.

Take a look at some of the main health benefits of Aloe gel:

Rich in essential nutrients – Aloe Vera gel which derives from its leaves is rich in numerous minerals and vitamins that improve the general health. You can grow this plant in your home or buy it at any health store.

Fights digestive problems – Aloe Vera gel, when consumed, fights numerous problems and at the same time, prevents them from reoccurring. It treats bloating, indigestion, gasses, constipation and stomach acidity.

Detoxifies the body – If you consume this gel on a regular basis, it will remove all body toxins. You can either eat it raw before breakfast or include it in smoothies to boost your metabolism.

Treats anemia – In the traditional Ayurveda medicine, this gel was used to prepare Kumari, a home-made remedy for treatment of anemia and some other hepatic disorders. It treats gallbladder and liver problems too.

Balances your hormones – The Aloe gel treats problems associated with pancreas and spleen and resolve hormonal imbalance.

Great for your hair and skin – It relieves minor wounds, cuts, and burns, thus keeping your skin smooth and hydrated.

Boosts the immunity – Aloe Vera gel consumption improve the immunity and is extremely beneficial in the winter days.

How to freeze the gel?

By freezing this gel, you will preserve all of its nutrients and benefits. Thus, you will keep its freshness for a long period of time. Take several Aloe leaves and start slowly to open them. Then, extract the gel from within and cut it in strips. Next, put them in a glass jar and store it in the fridge. Or more easily, take an ice cube tray, pour the gel inside it, and freeze it.

The ice cubes will become an indispensable part of your first-aid kit. If you suffer from varicose veins, take a cube and resolve the problem. If you burnt yourself, apply a cube on the affected area. Put a cube on blisters on your feet to prevent the burning. Or, rub a cube on your face to prevent acne. Rub some cubes under your eyes to get rid of the dark bags under them. Repeat the process until the bags disappear completely.


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