This Is How The Brain Is Affected By Alcohol Consumption

Have you ever thought of what the alcohol consumption do to your brain?

Nowadays, we keep on listening how harmful the marijuana is to our body and those caught with it several grams of cannabis end up in prison. However, the government seems to be forgetting that alcohol is a drug as well which causes addiction and should be prohibited too.

Actually, alcohol is far more harmful to our body rather than marijuana. Every other week a person dies as a result of alcohol poisoning. On the other hand, to overdose on marijuana is impossible. According to a 2017 study which involved 550 women and men of 30 years, alcohol causes brain problems. The study measured their brain structure and function to identify the effect of alcohol over the brain. The results were astounding: the more alcohol you consume the more atrophy you will have in the hippocampus of your brain.

People drinking more than 17 drinks of alcohol weekly had the highest risk. But, even those who drank on a moderate basis were more likely to deal with cognitive changes.

Besides, not only it has a negative effect on the body, alcohol consumption damages your mental health too. It’s closely related to depression. Usually, people drink as a way of escaping from reality, which leads them eventually into a downward spiral.

People confessed that as soon as they stopped consuming alcohol, they felt innumerate benefits. They feel clear headed.

Even drinking alcohol moderately affects the hippocampus negatively since it provokes slurred speech, blackouts, and memory problems. The alcohol consumption on the long-term leads to even more serious complications.


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