Neutralize Body Odor, Fight Toenail Fungus, Treat Acne Eliminate Dandruff and More, Thanks To Listerine

Listerine is one of the most commonly used products nowadays. It was used in 1879 for the first time as a surgical antiseptic agent by doctors. Now, it is used as a potent mouthwash to fight the bacteria in the mouth and to eliminate the bad breath.

Listerine is the best selling brand for mouthwash products in the States. It is approved by the American Dental Association as well. Listerine is rich in beneficial ingredients such as thyme, alcohol, eucalyptus, and menthol. Therefore, in today’s article, we are about to present some of its amazing incredible uses:

Acts as a Deodorant – Soak a cotton ball in a little bit of Listerine and rub it under your armpits. It will diminish the harmful bacteria that cause the odor.

Serves as a Toilet Cleanse – Listerine is going to deodorize and clean the toilet bowl. Just pour some Listerine into your toilet bowl and with the use of a toilet brush, scrub the toilet.

Provides Itchy Bug Bite Relief – Alleviate the itching caused by a bug bite with the use of Listerine. Just apply a bit of it on the area. It will reduce the itching provoked by poison ivy and poison oak.

Fights Toenail Fungus – Listerine eliminates the toenail fungus. Make a foot bath with water and some Listerine and soak your feet in it for half an hour. To improve the effect, add some ACV.

Eliminates Acne – Listerine treats acne even better than topical prescriptions against acne or antibiotics. Apply some Listerine on the acne twice on a daily basis. Do this each morning and each night before bedtime.

Removes Dandruff – Put a little bit of Listerine on your hair and massage it gently. Then, wrap your hair with a towel and let it act for a couple of minutes. At the end, wash it off with water.

Cleans Your Toothbrush – Apply some Listerine on your toothbrush and let it stay like that overnight. The bacteria and germs will disappear.

An Effective Flea Repellent – Mix some Listerine with water and apply it on the pet. You might also add some Listerine in the shampoo before bathing your pet.

Neutralizes Garbage Odor – All of us know how fast the garbage odour spreads throughout the whole kitchen. To prevent that, soak a paper towel in Listerine and put it at the bottom of the garbage bag.

Cleans Your Computer or TV Screen – Spray some Listerine on the TV or computer screen and then wipe it off with a soft cloth.


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