Make Any Part of Your Skin Younger Using This Homemade Vitamin Serum

People take care of the face skin primarily since it’s the most visible body part. Besides, it’s the part which is the most susceptible to wrinkles and early lines. Protecting the face skin from external factors is not easy and needs a lot of dedication and time. Weather conditions, age, acne, poor diet, and skin problems influence negatively the youthfulness and subtleness of the skin.

To preserve skin’s health, some people use chemicals-rich creams, lotions, go to a specialist to undergo expensive treatments without providing long-lasting effects. Therefore, in this article, we are going to show you one natural method which is even more effective than store-bought lotions and creams. This do-it-yourself serum is going to remove all the fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and skin imperfections from the face. Moreover, it will soften it, make it bright and wipe out 20 years off your face instantaneously. .

To prepare it, you will need:

2 vitamin E capsules

aloe Vera jelly

green tea powder

1 cup of water


2 drops of essential oil


Boil the water and add the flaxseeds. Let them simmer until they become a foamy gel. Then, add the green tea and stir well. Leave it to simmer for additional 15 seconds and then strain the liquid. Then, transfer it to other container and add the vitamin E capsules (crushed) and the aloe Vera. Stir well. At the end, add the essential oil. Mix one more time and close the container with a lid. Put the jar in the fridge and use it for the following 8 days.


Before applying your homemade serum, clean your face skin well. Apply the serum with gentle circular moves on your entire face. Massage the face with the serum until it’s completely absorbed. Then, see how your skin becomes healthier, softer, and brighter within seconds. Your skin face will look 20 years younger.


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