Balance Your Hormone Levels With These 6 Plants

Bloating, low energy levels, and anxiety are one of the most common signs of hormonal imbalance. Hormones have a very important role in the functioning of all bodily organs. Actually, hormones control the function of the tissue, digestive system, metabolism, movement, mood, stress, growth and development, reproduction, and respiration. If something provokes hormonal imbalance, you will experience certain changes in the body. The most common reasons for hormonal imbalance are genetics, medical history, poor diet, stress, and environmental pollutants.

Other signs of hormonal imbalance:


Weight gain



Sleep disorders

Irregular intervals

Mood changes

Depressive disorders


Evening Sweats

Lack of libido

Memory space fog

Delicate nails and hair

Fluffy eyes

Insufficient energy

Appetite loss

The traditional treatment for hormonal imbalance includes insulin injections, contraception pills, artificial hormonal therapies, and medications for thyroid gland. Luckily, the following natural herbs will stabilize the bodily hormones:

  1. Maca – Maca was commonly used by Peruvians for treatment of hormonal balance, male fertility, endurance, and loss of libido. It works as adaptogenic tool that balances the hormones in accordance with your requirements. Maca will reduce the production of too much hormones in your body. Moreover, maca manages the hormones levels and stimulates the 2 major glands which regulate other bodily glands, i.e. the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. In addition, maca improves the endurance and the libido in men. It is believed that acts as a Viagra.
  2. Red Raspberry – This herb’s leaves are used for preparation of a tea which is high in minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin C. Red raspberry contains powerful uterine-strengthening features that reduce heavy blood flow and painful periodincrease. Moreover, it increases the female and male fertility and prevents hemorrhage and miscarriage. It reduces the pain during and after labor, pregnancy nausea, and stimulates the breast milk production.
  3. Terre Tree Fruit (Vitex) – Vitex is used for hormonal imbalance treatment, menopause symptoms, endometriosis, and infertility. Numerous women use it for regulation of their period. Vitex regulates the pituitary gland and by so doing, it controls the hormones. This gland is the most important gland in the body and by regulating it, you will regulate other glands in the body.
  4. Dairy Thistle – This plant works as a liver-detox tool. A liver in a good healthy condition is of an essential importance for hormonal balance. A lot of women worldwide face an excess amount of hormones due to the due to the accumulated toxins and insufficient progesterone. The liver eliminates the harmful toxins, including fungi, weighty metals, and chemical compounds out of the body.
  5. Oatstraw – This herb calms the body, improves digestion, relieve the belly, strengthens the nerves, and controls the hormone-producing boucles. Thanks to its high magnesium and silica content, it facilitates the bone system. Oatstraw enhances the nails, skin, reduces cholesterol, and facilitates the heart wellness.
  6. Ashwagandha – It is a natural adaptogen that resolves the adrenal-hormone and thyroid imbalances. Moreover, it lowers the stress levels and at the same time, treats hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. It treats anxiety and depression, and improves mood. Consume enough omega-3s, start having an anti-inflammatory diet, reduce your stress, get proper sleep, and exercise regularly besides using these these herbs to treat hormonal imbalance.


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