This Is What Happened After a Woman Started Consuming 12 Bananas a Day

One girl decided to check the effect of the method called ‘mono-fruiting’, which actually consists of restriction of eating of only one fruit for 12 days, in order to get total detoxification.

Experts don’t confirm the positive results of the consumption of one food throughout the whole day since in that way, the body does not receive the rest of the needed nutrients.

However, according to Yullia, a nutritional expert, if you are well prepared, you can still get the desired effects. Therefore, she decided to try this method and both she and her husband ate bananas only for 12 days.

Being rich in nutrients, bananas kept them “full” for a long period of time. At the beginning, Yulia noticed that her digestion was improved and the stomach discomfort eliminated. Then, she found herself being more concentrated and relaxed while doing work. She was becoming more challenging as well.

Moreover, Yulia experienced several health advancements. In fact, she was suffering from high blood glucose, yeast infection, and hormonal discrepancy. But after these 12 days, she did not have any kind of health problems and dropped her excess fat.

So, to sum up, this 12-days-banana-test resulted in multiple health advantages and significant weight loss. Therefore, we can deduce that mono- fruiting is highly advantageous if you are well prepared for it.

Nevertheless, this test cannot be conducted by everyone since it makes drastic transformation of your metabolism and body. Moreover, people suffering from thyroid problems are not recommended to try it. Before trying this test, consult a physician.

Yulia, being a motor coach and a nutritional expert, faced some problems to sustain her diet plan, workflow, and all daily home obligations simultaneously, so she decided to do this little test.

Although all of us are aware of the numerous health advantages of bananas, they contain even more calories, fructose, sucrose, glucose, and fiber than any other fruit.


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