Drink Apple Cider Vinegar before Going to Bed – It Will Change Your Life for the Better

The following recipe for a natural remedy you are about to see in today’s article is going to change your life in a positive way. It can be used for diverse purposes, such as:

Supercharge your digestion – To ease your digestion, add 1 tsp. of ACV in water and drink it before meals.

Lose weight naturally – According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition, ACV, when used with food, increases satiety.

Keep your blood sugar stable – If you take 2 tbsp. of ACV before bedtime, you can lower the sugar levels in your blood.

Fight off a sore throat – ACV contains potent antibacterial features that fight a sore throat effectively. Dilute 1 tbsp. of ACV in 1 glass of water and gargle several times on a daily basis.

Treat acid reflux for good – ACV increases the digestive juices, and by so doing, it improves the digestion. It treats heartburn and reflux too.

Reduce sugar cravings naturally – Mix 1 tsp. of ACV in 1 glass of water to lower your sugar cravings.

Be heart smart – Numerous studies proved that ACV has polyphenols like chlorogenic acid which reduce the bad cholesterol and at the same time, prevents cardiovascular disease.

Boost your bone broth – Add ACV to boost your bone broth, since it helps to extract the essential minerals from the bones.

Give your body a daily detox – Bitter drinks and foods are commonly known to stimulate enzyme secretion and promote healthy liver function. So, to detox your body, add 1 tbsp. of ACV in your everyday diet.

Supercharge your salad dressing – Mix dried herbs, ACV, and olive oil to prepare a tasty and healthy salad dressing.

Soothe sunburn – Add 1 cup of ACV in a lukewarm bath to reduce sunburn.

Create melt-in-your-mouth meals – Add some ACV to marinades to tenderize the meat and to prepare a mouthwatering feast!

Get glowing skin – Thanks to its strong antimicrobial features, ACV acts as an incredible natural cleanser. Add some ACV in a bowl of water and use the tonic to wash your face.

Keep your pearly whites healthy – Add 1 tsp. of ACV in ½ glass of water to prepare a natural mouthwash and swish in the mouth. Then, rinse with water!

Get instant silky locks – In a cup of water, add 1 tbsp. of ACV and rinse your hair with it. Your hair will be shiny and beautiful!

Avoid chemicals-rich deodorants – Make your own natural and chemical-free deodorant! All you have to do is to dab some ACV under the armpits.

Purify the veggies and fruits – Add a little bit of ACV in a sink full of water and soak the veggies and fruits in it to remove any contaminants from the produce.

Beat fleas – Mix ACV and water in equal parts and spray the solution over your pet.

Say goodbye to fruit flies – Add some ACV in a jar and close it with a lid. Make some holes in the wrap and let the jar stay in the kitchen counter. The fruit flies will be trapped in the jar because of the scent.

Clean your home without chemicals – ACV acts as an amazing cleaning product thanks to its potent antimicrobial properties.

Preserve your leftovers -Add several drops of ACV to exposed flesh of avocados, apples, or other fruits in order to prevent them turning brown.

Treat your feet with a deodorizing foot bath – To remove bacteria from your feet, in some warm water add a little bit of ACV and put your feet to soak for 10 minutes.




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