How to Reverse Diabetes Naturally Without Using Medicine

4 years ago, when a man was diagnosed with hypertension and diabetes, he decided to solve these health problems in a natural way. He diagnosed these problems all of a sudden when he started to become thirsty all of the time. When he did a blood sample, the results were terrifying. He was prescribed with insulin therapy and doing more physical exercises.

He tried almost everything, but without success. Then, after watching the show Edge of Science with Dr. J. Zirdum, in which he ate raw foods only for a decade. This inspired him to try this method. What he first did was purchasing a blender. Although he had a lot of temptations, he managed to resist them and to balance his sugar levels in the blood. This made him stop the insulin therapy and losing some weight. In fact, he lost more than 25 pounds within a month and in 4 months, he lost 50 pounds. His blood pressure stabilized and was 120/70 and the triglycerides were 1.4. He started feeling renewed and completely healthy.

So, take a look at the recipe he consumed all the time:

Ingredients you will need:

5 bananas

2 kiwis


2 apples


Put all of the ingredients in a blender and blend at a fast speed. Then, add ½ liter of water and drink half of this dosage in the morning. Drink the rest throughout the whole day. Don’t forget to eat more fresh veggies and fruits, and tuna for vitamin B12, as well.


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