Use This Combination of Baking Soda and Castor Oil to Naturally Heal Your Body

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors were well-aware of all the benefits that castor essential oils provides, but with the popularity rise of the over-the-counter medicine in the past few decades, all of the natural treatments, recipes and remedies slowly faded away, until these past few years. So in order to ditch the chemicals and all of the artificial pills and medicine handed to us that actually does more harm to our body than good, we are going to present you a homemade remedy that can heal your body.

To be more specific, the remedy which we are going to talk about today can treat more than 24 health conditions. Sounds amazing right?

Ricinus Communis is a well-known plant which is consisted of 50% natural castor oil. Our ancestors used this oil to eliminate toxins and impurities from their bodies, enhance the blood circulation and as a natural beauty product. Shortly put, this oil does wonders for the body, treating pain and all you have to do is apply it not he affected area or prepare compresses which will naturally increase the blood flow.

All you will need to make your own compresses is a gauze or a cloth, a dish of hot water, baking soda and white kitchen paper towels.


Start off by cleaning the area with mineral water and some baking soda, before soaking a cloth or gauze in it and applying it on the affected area. Once done, wrap some kitchen foil and place a hot water bottle on the compress. Let it sit for 1 hour, before washing it off. This procedure should be repeated for 40 days.

This procedure will help you treat swelling, food digestion problems, PMS cramps, varicose leg veins, and overall improve the function of your organs, especially the liver.

21 Things That Natural Castor Oil Is a Potential Cure For

  1. Mix castor oil and baking soda to lighten dark pores and skin patches naturally.
  2. Rubbing this oil on stretch marks will help eliminate them.
  3. Massage this oil on the affected area to heal bruises, injuries and cuts, and stimulate the growth of hair.
  4. You can also use this oil to eliminate pilonidal cysts.
  5. Rub the oil directly on the affected area to eliminate any type of pain.
  6. Drink a glass of water mixed with 3 tiny drops of the oil for 3-4 months, to treat tinnitus.
  7. Eliminate cataract just by dropping one drop in your eyes.
  8. Drink 5 drops of the oil every day to reduce allergic reactions.
  9. Apply the oil on your neck to deal with any kind of modules.
  10. Apply castor oil on your eyelids before going to bed to eliminate conjunctivitis.
  11. Place a drop of castor oil in your ear canal to eliminate wax buildups.
  12. Drink 2 drops of the oil every day to eliminate alcohol and nicotine addiction.
  13. Massage your toes with the oil to eliminate calluses.
  14. Massage your belly with the oil to stop diarrhea.
  15. It can relax your muscles just like each lavender plant.
  16. If you have cervical or backside pain, use it on your rear.
  17. Rub the oil on your feet to eliminate fungi or athlete’s foot.
  18. Rub some of the oil on the affected area to eliminate any kind of warts.
  19. Snoring can be treated by rubbing a small amount of the oil on the upper body.
  20. When used along with baking soda, this incredible oil can completely alkalize your body.
  21. Just one drop of this oil on any pest bite can prevent inflammation and itching.


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