This Is The Remedy That Will Help Prevent These Issues and Regrow Your Natural Hair

Onions have played a huge part in our diet since ancient times, and not only did it boost the immune system and kept everyone healthy, but it also helped prevent a large number of health conditions which nowadays seem to be incurable. Many people aim for over-the-counter medicines, but we are going to show you a completely safe, natural and side-effect-free method to treat grey and receding hair.

Scientists have discovered that the juice and extract from onions helps feed the hair follicles and boost the circulation of blood in our scalp. This helps eliminate parasitic organisms, bacteria and treats infections, all of which prevents baldness and dandruff. Another thing which has earned onions fame in the hair product sphere is the fact that they contain catalase, which is a key chemical that if our bodies lack, will lead to hair thinning and graying. This means that consuming onions which are loaded in catalase will help bring back and maintain the natural color of your hair, while prevent balding, thinning and hair loss.

A study was performed and published in the Dermatology Journal, and it found that after using onion juice on the hair for 4 weeks straight, 74% of the individuals experienced a substantial hair growth, while just two months after, 84% of the people grew back their own hair.

So if you are ready to try this out at home, we have listed a few different ways on how you can prepare this homemade onion juice. Keep in mind that it is better if you prepare the mixture in smaller amounts, as this remedy shouldn’t be stored away for too long or it will lose its beneficial properties.

Ways to Prepare Onion Juice for Hair Treatment

  1. Squeezed

All you have to do is peel the onions, cut them in two halves, and put them in the juicer.

  1. Liquefied

Start off by getting a blender and peeling the onions. Cut the two halves in half, and put them into the blender. Mix until you end up with the desired consistency. If necessary, add a little bit of water.

  1. Grated

The procedure remains the same for the grated onions also. Just peel them off, grate them and they are good to go.

Usage Instructions

If you notice that your hairline is receding, that your hair is becoming grey, then take the previously-prepared onion and apply the juice on the impacted area. Massage the area gently for a few minutes. This will help stimulate the hair follicles so they can absorb the minerals and all the beneficial properties of the onion. Once done with the massage, let the onion juice sit on your scalp for 5-10 minutes, before washing it off with lots of warm water.

Note: If this treatment leads to an allergic reaction, immediately stop using it.


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