Things You Should Know About Using Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years by people from all across the world. They are found in recipes of different traditional medicines and can do wonders when it comes to our overall health, well-being and immunity.

The reason behind their power is that they offer a powerful, yet calming, antidepressant, antibacterial, stimulating and antiviral properties, all of which can boost our health in numerous ways and help fight off a large number of health conditions and diseases. The particles found in these essential oils come from extracting and distilling various plants, some of which are leaves, flowers, bark, peels, resin and even roots. That is why even a single drop of these oils has the power to change your life for the better.

While they are usually made through distillation which separates the water-based ingredients and the oil of the plant using steam, there are also other methods to prepare them. The most recent scientific studies have shown that they are a potential cure for cancer, as they possess an ability to make changes to the frequency we resonate at. Studies reveal that the human body starts to develop diseases as soon as it reaches 58 MHz, and negative thoughts lower our frequency by 12 MHz. On the other hand, positive thinking helps elevate our MHz by 10.

While it may sound odd at first, believe it or not, many great scientists such as R.O. Becker, in his book “The Body Electric” claims that the electronic frequency of our bodies determines our health. Nikola Tesla was another scientist and great inventor who claim that one can resist ailments by removing outside frequencies. Even Dr. Otto Warburg found that the specific electrical voltage of our cells ran lower as a result of various factors and trigger cancer. But they all came to one conclusion – higher frequency natural medicine can fight diseases of low frequency, and the best way to do is by using essential oils.

The study that they did involved 11 essential oils:

  • Angelica (85 MHz)
  • Peppermint (75 MHz)
  • Sandalwood (96 MHz)
  • Lavender (118 MHz)
  • Juniper (98 MHz)
  • Rose (320 MHz)
  • Frankincense (147 MHz)
  • Helichrysum (181 MHz)

Other essential oils included sage, savory, and both bitter and sweet fennel.

When it comes to treating breast cancer, a study found that chamomile manage to kill 93% of the affected cells in vitro, and thyme scored even better, with 97%. Cinnamon and jasmine were also among the top essential oils on the chart.

The study led by Dr. Suhail discovered that frankincense oil divides the nucleus of the cancer cells from the cytoplasm, and with this, prevents it from reproducing. This is a result of the high content of monoterpenes which destroy cancer cells. But if there is one thing which particularly stood out was the fact that the oil didn’t harm or affect the healthy body cells in any way.

Effects of Using Frankincense Essential Oil

  • Applying it under the tongue and topically on the liver area in a patient that is in the end-stage of liver cancer has reduced the size of the tumor, and made it operable.
  • The topical application of this oil on the body every 3 hours helped a woman cure her stage-4 lung cancer which had spread to other body organs in just 7 months.
  • A mixture of sandalwood and frankincense oil was rubbed on the wrists of a 5-year-old girl by her parents, and after a few months, it helped her completely beat brain cancer.
  • A woman managed to fight her bladder cancer and end up successful after applying the same mixture on the bladder area.
  • When applied topically, the mixture of lemongrass and frankincense oil can eliminate breast cancer in just a few months.

In addition to these beneficial effects on the body, expert studies have shown that these essential oils can lower the agony of cancer patients and with that, improve the overall quality of their life. So maybe it is time for you too to add these oils into your life, and feel the positive change.


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