Say Goodbye to Accumulated Fat and Cholesterol Liver Problems With This Extraordinary Home Remedy

Many of us have heard about coriander, and know it as a one-year herbaceous plant which grows between 50-80cm with a naked trunk and branched top. The lower leaves are often large round and in long stems, while the upper ones are smaller, feathered and divided. The thing which makes it so recognizable are it’s white flowers made up of even more white and tiny flowers.

The fruit which this plant gives is round and composes of two symmetrical fruits which are connected firmly. This plant flowers at the beginning of the summer and while it doesn’t require any specific type of soil, it does grow better on charcoal, friable, fine and warm land which gets enough sunlight. The chemical composition of this plant consists fatty oil, essential oil and protein, and what many people aren’t aware is that this plant contains some incredibly powerful health-beneficial properties.

The extracted coriander oil contains properties which make people feel a bit drunk-like and sleepy, and has been used in the consumer industry for a long period of time, in products such as baked goods, sweets, beer and liquor and is also consumed as a substitute for pepper.

This oil helps stimulate sweating and prevents gasses, and since one of its benefits is to boost the immune system and proper organ function, this oil is highly recommended against indigestion, vomiting, sore throat, burns, and last but definitely not least – burning fat, lowering cholesterol and treating liver conditions.

As we mentioned above, this oil does wonders when it comes to improving digestion, unlike cinnamon, pepper, ginger and synod, and when combined with cumin and fennel, it boosts their healing properties.

Experts physiotherapists around the world support and recommend the use of coriander as a painkiller and as a means to treat stomach ulcers, gastritis and duodenal ulcers, but the plant and its oil can also be used to treat an increased heartbeat, thirst, and vomiting. The fresh coriander herbal juice should be consume three times per day for hay fever, allergies and bronchial skin, as well as itching and inflammation.


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