Eliminate Back Pain Through Your Feet – Here Are The 5 Exercises To Help You Do It

When a person is physically inactive, he/she might suffer from weak muscles and back, hip, or knee pain. So, in order to improve their flexibility and get rid of these problems, they need to try the following 5 stretching exercises.

Stretching is of a great importance and will provide you with the following health benefits:

Improved flexibility (this will prevents injuries and ligaments sprains.)

Strengthens the bones (the stronger your muscles are, the stronger bones you will have.)

Improved circulation (it will recover the joint and muscle damage, remove waste byproducts, and soothe the muscles)

Improved body posture (Elimination of tight muscles is going to prevent neck, back, and hip pain and at the same time, it will improve body posture)

Treats back pain (Stretching treats pain and reduces the stress on the spine)

Improved heart health (If you stretch on a regular basis, you will improve the functioning of the arteries and lowers blood pressure as well)

Reduced stress (Stretching lowers stress and relieves tension)

Increased energy levels (The improved blood circulation and lowered stress will fight fatigue and increase the energy levels)

Improved balance and coordination (This lowers the risks of falling or injuries)

Because of the fact that the feet carry the whole body weight, they can become overexerted easily. This might lead to pain and cramps. So, the feet might be the solution to all your body aches since they are the center of various important points and are connected to diverse body parts.

Therefore, if you start stretching your feet, you will relieve pain and boost flexibility of the body. This is highly beneficial for people doing aerobic exercises or athletes, although everyone suffering from body pain can benefit too. Hence, the following feet stretching exercises will help you remain fit and improve your balance, body posture, and flexibility:

Toe Walking – Walk onward for 20 seconds as you stand on the tiptoes. Then, keep on walking with your toes outwards for additional 20 seconds. At the end, walk 20 seconds with your feet inwards. Repeat 4 times with 10 seconds pause in between.


Curl Your Toes – Sit on a chair and put your feet on a towel. Then, crumple it for 10 times with your feet and try to lift it with your right foot. After 10 seconds, repeat with the left one.


Heel Raises – Lift your leg on a chair which is placed in front of you and then bend your right leg. Stand straight but keep your foot aligned with the leg while you raise and lower the right leg. Repeat 10 times and then continue with the other leg.


Tibialis Anterior – Sit and bent your left knee. Then, wrap one end of a band for exercising around the chair and put the other end on the right foot. Your left foot should remain under it. Then, try to bring the toes together. Make 10 repetitions and then switch legs.


Ankle Circles – Lye down on your back on the floor and bent your knees. Then, bring your right knee to the chest and hug it. Then, start making circles with it. Make 5 circles in one direction and then additional 5 circles in the opposite direction. Repeat with the left leg.


These stretching exercises will take just 20 minutes of your time. Do them at least 3 times in a week and you will feel immediate relief.

Additional tips to prevent back pain:

Avoid tobacco

Exercise on a regular basis

Reduce alcohol consumption

Eat a healthy diet

Reduce stress

Be careful when lift heavy objects

Maintain a proper body posture whether standing or sitting

Sleep well

Maintain a normal body weight

Source: naturalcuresworld.com

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