Science Reveals: Drinking Wine Is More Important Than Exercise When It Comes to Living Over 90 Years

To be able to live a long and healthy life is truly an incredible and a remarkable thing, but unfortunately, the lifestyles we live everyday can often become an obstacle on the road of achieving that. That is why scientists have been dedicated to studying and finding new ways to prolong the life of humans, and they have come to an important conclusion and a revelation.

There have been a large number of medical breakthroughs over time, and thousands of cures have been found that help keep people healthy, however, according to a particular study which involved old people over 90 yeas, the experts discovered some unexpected things.

The study had for a goal to:

  • Examine rates of cognitive and functional decline in old people
  • Determine factors connected to longevity
  • Examine clinical pathological correlations
  • Determine modifiable risk factors for mortality and dementia
  • Study the epidemiology of dementia in the patients

The researchers visited the participants twice a year, and conducted a number of neurological and neurophysiological tests.

Drinking Wine Was Found To Be More Important Than Exercising

Once the scientists found that drinking wine is more important, they started working on what the right dosage is. They found that it should be taken in moderate dosage. To be more specific, moderate wine consumption offers the following benefits:

  • It decreases the risk of diabetes
  • It decreases risk of heart disease
  • It decreases any chances of ischemic stroke

Another additional study focused on the connection between the physical activity as well as the negative effects drinking has, and different information was gathered by Dr. Emmanuel Stamatakis, the head author of the study. Approximately 36,370 people took part in his study and were divided into three groups.

One of the groups was consisted of people who exercised regularly, and the other included people who exercise moderately. The third group included people who weren’t active at all. The study also monitored the amount of alcohol they consumed. The participants were followed for data for around 10 years, and there were 5,735 total deaths.

They come to a conclusion that hazardous drinking was connected to an increased risk of death in numerous health problems, in other words, people who drank more drinks in 1 week time had a bigger issue with health conditions.


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