7 Causes of Lower Back Pain Only Few Have Heard About

One of the most common health conditions which millions of people around the world experience on a daily basis is lower back pain, and one thing is for certain – everyone experiences it at least once during their life.

However, this condition is mostly found in people which have lead a sedentary lifestyle, as prolonged sitting applies additional pressure on the muscles and ligaments. The pain itself is caused by spine and muscular disorders, along with issues in the internal organs, such as womb, ovaries and kidneys. And while men and women are both affected by this condition, woman suffer from it more often as their pelvis is complicated far more than the male’s. The pain can also be caused by hormonal issues, which again places women on the top of the most likely ones to experience this pain.

That is why, in this article we are going to provide you with our own unique list of causes of lower back pain in women, that not many people are aware of:

  1. Herniated Disk

This condition is usually caused by the thinning of the outer layer of the discs. Herniated disk condition is caused due to age, and it is represented by numbness and pain in the back and knees.

  1. Ovarian Tumors

Ovarian tumors can grow quite big and cause pressure on the nerves, which can also lead to torsion or rapture and cause immense pain in the lower back.

  1. Uterine Tumor

The formation of uterine fibroids or uterine tumor, while usually painless, it can compress the surrounding nerves and lead to strong back pain.

  1. Kidney Stones

Kidney stones is another dangerous condition which can lead to severe back pain, as the stones pass through the ureter.

  1. Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is another common cause of back pain, neck pain and hips pain in women, and its symptoms include stiffness, fatigue and muscle pain.

  1. Osteoporosis

This condition on the other hand can lead to pain in the lower back as a result of hormonal changes and reduced bone density.

  1. Endometrosis

Endometrosis is a condition which takes place when the endometrial tissue spreads out from inside the womb to the ovaries, abdomen and leads to back pain, menstrual cramps and irregular periods.

Additional Causes of Lower Back Pain

  • Coccydynia, or also known as tailbone pain
  • Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction, which affects the sacroiliac joint
  • Piriformis Syndrome, which mimics sciatica pain and leads to pain and numbness

Source and image source: healthyfoodexperience.com

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