Ancient Japanese Self-Relaxation Technique That Does Wonders To Reduce Stress and Pain

Recently conducted research reveals that stress can oftentimes be one of the main reasons for serious health conditions, and a connection has been found between stress and physical pain, as well as conditions such as anxiety, depression, weakened immune system, increased blood pressure, stroke, vomiting and many other, including the most fatal one – heart attack.

Unfortunately, the fast-paced lives we live in our modern societies are often stress inducing, which means that it is highly important for an individual to find a hobby or anything particularly interesting which can relieve some of the stress. But what happens when this is not enough?

Well, turning to over-the-counter medicines for relaxation can only complicate the problem even more and have a serious long-lasting impact on your health. Yoga, meditation and music are on top of the list, but not everyone can do yoga exercises and meditation takes time to get used to. That is why we decided to dedicate an article providing you with information about an ancient Japanese self-relaxation technique which completely eliminates stress. It can be done at home, and all you need are your two hands.

The Japanese people believe that every finger is connected to a particular emotion or feeling, for example:

  • The Thumb decreases feelings of worry and anxiety
  • The Index finger helps control the fears
  • The Middle finger manages bitterness and rage
  • The Ring finger helps control depression and melancholy
  • The Little finger increases self-esteem and decreases stress

How To Perform The Self-Relaxation Technique

This technique is used for the goal of making stability between opposing energy forces. For starters, you can take any finger, and put another finger around it. Keep each finger for one or two fingers, till you notice a pulse.

But you don’t have to stop there – if you want to experience a deeper state of relaxation, apply pressure on the center of your palm with your other hand’s thumb, and hold it in that position for a few minutes. Regularly practicing this technique will make a huge positive impact in your life, and help you eliminate stress for good!

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