This Is The Exact Amount Of Walking You Need To Do To Lose Weight

If you are looking for the simplest type of physical activity, walking is just the thing that will make you drop over one pound a week! That could result in over twenty 20 pounds throughout 5 months, just by walking, without the need of strict eating regimens or exhausting workout sessions.

Besides helping you build some muscle mass and lose a few pounds, walking will also keep you in good health. Just follow the routine given below and you will see the results soon.

Walk and Lose Weight

There are 2 vital factors that decide over the amount of calories burnt with walking – current body weight and the speed of walking. For instance, if you walk with an average speed of 4 m/h, you will end up burning around 400 calories in merely one hour.

And we might add that you can increase the walking distance, we mentioned just the required minimum. Let’s say you walk two more miles, you will burn 200 more calories that day. In order to know for sure the length of your walking distances, get a pedometer. You come to learn that this device is extremely useful.

How Can a Pedometer Help Lose Weight?

A pedometer is a device that will help you keep track of your day-to-day walking patterns. It enables you to adjust your walking distances according to your desirable goals and the outcome you wish to have.

Make certain you place your pedometer close to your hips. Worry not, for it is light and will not obstruct your movement. It is designed to count the number steps you make during the day.

When you learn the distance you have walked, you will discover how much more you require to walk to eliminate those couple of extra inches, by increasing the speed and distance, or simply taking longer steps.

So, what if your body weight stays the same even if you have gone through great lengths and steps? Read on further and find out why.

What is the Required Number of Steps You Need to Lose Weight?

The number of steps that has the best results in terms of burning calories and losing weight for the majority of people is 2000 steps / mile. By staying true to this number, you will manage to burn around 100 calories / mile. This is why the pedometer is so handy, it counts both the steps and miles. If you are feeling particularly energetic, additional exercise is not what you need, simply increase the number of steps you make per day.

One mile = 2 000 steps, 100 calories burnt
One pound = 3 500 calories
One pound lost weight/week = 500 calories/day

This calculation suggests that you are required to walk 10 000 steps each day to drop a pound of weight on a weekly basis.

It is in no way mandatory that you begin with 10 000 steps immediately. Begin with 2000 or 3000 and gradually increase the number of steps. Check out these suggestions about how to effortlessly increase the number of steps per day:

— Avoid going by car or using public transport, and only do it when you really have to. Walk your way to work and home every chance you get, or simply get off the bus a couple of stations before yours. Do not use taxis or ubers unless it is really necessary.
— In terms of your car. Park it a couple of miles away from your actual destination and go by foot.
— Choose the stairs rather than the elevator.
— Take your children to school on foot and do not carpool them.

The more professional pedometers can show you the amount of calories you have burnt and the number of pounds you have lost. This is how you will be aware of the exact number of steps you need to make per day.

That is the reason why investing in a top-quality and advanced pedometer is worth it. This will help you lose weight more efficiently and it is strongly recommended on behalf of the American Medical Association.

Make Walking a Fun Activity for You

The trick to make walking fun, is to avoid taking the same paths at the exact time, the same day of the week. Introduce some changes in your pattern now and again to avoid getting bored.

Go for a walk twice or three times per week, and stay home and rest for the other 4 days. During the weekends, visit the park or take a walk around the neighborhood, or take a trip to the supermarket and back.

Listen to your favorite songs while you’re walking to get motivated and inspired.

Get ready for the cold days of winter. Start saving up and buy a treadmill. You are going to be able to walk while at the same time watching your beloved TV shows.

Get someone to join you. A buddy, a coworker, or a family member can keep you company at least once every seven days to break the usual pattern.

A monotonous lifestyle can be a huge buzzkill by your motivation and that is something you don’t want to happen!

Which Walking Style Should You Practice?

Walking is no science. We were all doing it since we were little. Perhaps that is why we don’t perceive it as a physical activity that can help lose weight.

Nevertheless, for the purpose of make it optimally efficient, you ought to adopt this walking style:
Fixate your eyes 100 feet before you;
Lift up your chin;
Squeeze the hip’s glute muscles;
Keep the abdominal muscles tight;
Keep your spine straight.

Frequency of Walking

Before you begin any sort of physical activity, talk to your doctor who should check if you are prepared and recommend you the type of activity that is best for you.

If your physician happens to give you heads up for walking, begin by walking for around 20 mins, three days per week. Gradually increase the frequency until you have reached 30 minutes or, even more, an entire hour of walking all week.

It is the easiest possible way to lose weight in a heartbeat. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to starve yourself out!


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