5 Moves For Toned Inner Thighs

Every woman in the world desires for toned thighs and an inner thigh gap. Also our bodies should be like that, the inner thighs to touch, but this doesn’t look good on everyone. But the thigh gap aside, that is the part that we forget to exercise during every workout. And that is the main reason why our legs don’t look like we want them to, because if you don’t exercise the inner thighs then they won’t look good as we want and we will not have that inner gap.

In this article we will present you a few exercises, which will help you define the inner thighs. In order to preform these exercises you only need some dumbbells, a chair and a mat, or if you don’t have a mat use the floor.

The Single – Leg Circle

Lay down on the floor on your back, put your legs together and keep them straight. Place your arms on the sides.
Then stretch the left leg up towards the ceiling but keep it straight all the time, try to make a perpendicular angle with your legs.
Once your leg is up in the air and straight, try making circles, start from towards your ankles, then out and around and bring it in the same position. Control your movements and keep them slow. Make sure to do five circles in both ways, and then switch legs and do the same with the other leg as well.

Leg Swings

Stand tall and place your feet at hip-width apart. Shift your body weight on your right leg, that way your left leg is free. Then swing the left leg forward, as high as you can, then continue to swing it behind you towards the back. Use something that is near you if you need to hold on to it for support and to keep your balance. Do this motion for a minute and then switch legs. With this move you will open your hips, and you will be a lot more flexible.

Pilates Inner-Thigh Leg Lift 

Wild Pile Squat

Stand tall with your feet placed a little wider than shoulder-width apart, and make sure that your toes are facing outwards. Go down in a squat, feel your muscles stretch especially in your inner thighs. Then shift the weight  onto the right leg as you are pushing up, and sweep the left leg that is free to the opposite side outside of the right leg. Then go in the starting position and do 20 reps with each leg.

Toe Squat with Overload

Grab one dumbbell, and for this exercise multitasking is required. You will exercise your triceps while you are exercising your inner thighs as well. As you go down in a squat bend your arms by lowering the dumbbell that you are holding behind the head. Then push to go back up, also straighten your arms above your head. Keep up this motion for about 30 seconds. Once it gets too difficult, leave the dumbbell on the ground and continue for another 30 seconds.

Source: trainhardteam.com

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