How to Use Baking Soda To Relieve Arthritis Pain

You surely have heard of baking soda and used it for many purposes. And statistics show that the baking soda is used for various purposes in almost every household. It is an ingredient that can do miracles, it can help you in many things, from healing yourself to cleaning your home.

For many years this ingredient was used for different purposes, and it is one of the first remedies that comes to our mind whenever we are treating an ailment. Half a teaspoon of baking soda is able to relieve you from heartburn and acid reflux. This remedy is also able to make your teeth whiter, and you can make a toothpaste out of baking soda and replace it with the commercial one.

Turns out that the baking soda can fight against autoimmune diseases, it is completely safe to use and it is very cheap!


At the Augusta Unversity’s MSG Department of Physiology a group of researchers have gathered to confirm the fact that the baking soda is actually the one controlling our pH levels in our body. The pH levels are the measure scale for the acidity in our body. According to the experts, one of the most important things to maintain our overall health is to maintain our pH levels around the normal, which can provide many different health benefits.

A physiologist and also a co-author of this study, Dr. Paul O’Connor reported that the baking soda is regulating our pH levels. Also he added that this ingredient is encouraging the stomach acid secretion, which helps you to digest the next meal you have, a lot easier. Which means that you will no longer deal with stomachache and indigestion.

Not only that the digestive processes are regulated by the baking soda, it is also able to relieve from diabetes symptoms. Your spleen is highly affected by this white ingredient. Dr. O’Connor reported that, the baking soda is affecting our spleen through our cells.

An experiment was preformed by Dr. O’Connor, on both rats and humans. Rats are mostly used in these laboratory experiments because their biological level and genetics are very similar to ours.

The doctor along with his team, gave the rats baking soda for 2 weeks constantly every day. They noticed a change in the rat’s immune cells. The white powder helped their cells to fight against inflammatory responses. It was the same case with the humans, people who were dealing with inflammation, were no longer having it once they started using baking soda.

The Effect of Baking Soda

This study is another proof that the baking soda has very powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It is also encouraging the stomach acid production which is highly needed for our digestive system to work properly. The ability of our body to process and digest the food we consume, and absorb only the good stuff is very important, to prevent and treat inflammation.

The white powder is also affecting our spleen and stomach. If you are wondering what the spleen is, it is a part of our immune system. The baking soda is boosting the anti-inflammatory response and soothes our immune response. In a properly healthy body, the spleen and stomach cells are carrying 2 main functions, they are switching off the activated inflammation markers and are telling the immune system that it is safe.

Final Words

An integrative nutritionist, Michelle Neilly reported:
“There might not be a miracle fix-all cure for everything, but there is a reason for sure why baking soda and apple cider vinegar and similar ingredients are used for centuries. These could really help us fight against inflammation.”

The baking soda can also be used to treat arthritis. Overactive inflammation signals and poor immune responses have a big impact on the pain caused by arthritis. Baking soda might be very cheap, but it is worth every single penny. And it is definitely cheaper than the expensive medications that are prescribed to treat arthritis.


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