Largest Study Ever Done on Mammograms States They Are Pointless and Dangerous

Every doctor recommends to every woman to annually take mammograms, in order to protect themselves from breast cancer. But the latest studies have proven that this theory is not true, so these tests are not necessary.

These studies have also proven that, not only these tests are pointless, but they are also very dangerous. But not every specialist will tell you this, because today the conventional medicine is only looking to make more money from you and to increase their profit.

Actually the mammograms are useful, but not in every case, and sometimes they can come out positive but that is not true, and in some cases they are even making the situation even worse. There is a large study in which more than 90,000 women were included and the research lasted for 25 years, and it was once more proven that these mammograms are something to be doubted.

Because the study showed that the rate of mortality from breast cancer was still the same, in the ones who didn’t took mammogram tests and the ones that did regularly. Knowing this, it was concluded that sometimes because of the given false positivities from this test, women sometimes go under surgeries and treatments which are completely unnecessary.

Women get radiation for no reason, so what seems to be the point in these screenings?

It is true that the tumors in some cases can transform into cancer, but the tumor on its own is not harmful at all for you. The main problem is that when doctors see a tumor from these tests, even if there is no threat at all, they still want to treat that tumor which is the main reason for further complications. Some tumors should be simply left on their own, or untreated to be more clear.

Women take these tests because they want to protect themselves from this horrible disease, but they are taking radiation that is unnecessary, but according to these studies the mammograms are useless and don’t do any good at all.

Many studies have proven mammograms are bad and useless, just like the study we talked about, above.

Mammograms are harmful and completely useless!

There are even studies that have concluded that women are increasing their risk of cancer, who are taking mammography tests, compared to the ones who don’t. Meaning that, instead of helping themselves to prevent from this disease, they are triggering it even more.

The false positivities are not the only concern

We only think of the danger and harmfulness of these tests, and the false positivities, but did you think about the false negativity results? Meaning that the machine that is supposed to help you or alarm you and was made to detect it, can miss this disease which is life threatening!

It was revealed by The National Cancer Institute, that these mammograms are actually able to miss a lot more than 20% of the cancers, even if the patient had the cancer at the screening time. It is simple, because the early stage cancers are one of the hardest to diagnose, and the most important thing about them is to catch them in the earliest stage as possible. The machine isn’t the only one that takes the responsibility, sometimes the doctors miss it on the screens when they read it, because nobody requires them to have any special expertise.

So, even if you took mammogram tests, you cannot rely on them completely, because it can be a false positive or a false negative.

The solution comes refined and improved…or not so much?

When they realized that the mammograms are not something to be trusted, they came up with a new updated version, which they called 3D Tomosynthesis, which should’ve been a lot more sophisticated and better than the previous version. But this machine only exposes women to a lot more radiation, actually two times more than the previous machine. And today doctors recommend women to take the old 2D mammograms instead of the new ones, because the 3D version only gives you more radiation and takes from you a whole lot more money.

Prevent from this life-threatening disease by making some lifestyle changes

Because of these mistakes women feel terrified and confused when it comes to breast cancer and breast cancer tests, and they don’t know what to approach. Which is why there is another alternative which you should take as an advice. As it is with every other disease, life-threatening or not, the cancer is also based on some of your life choices, so make sure you make the right ones. Below we will give you a list of different ways and choices to protect yourself from this disease.

  • Increase the physical activity on regular basis.
  • Avoid consuming unfermented soy products.
  • Improve your leptin and insulin sensitivity receptors.
  • Limit the intake of proteins.
  • Boost your vitamin D levels.
  • Stay away as much as possible from processed sugars and foods in general.
  • Avoid or at least limit the intake of alcohol.
  • Include turmeric into your everyday diet. Turmeric contains an active ingredient known as curcumin, which is highly beneficial for many different diseases, for cancer as well.
  • Make sure your diet is high in krill oil and other high quality omega-3’s and healthy fats as well.
  • Consume a glass of organic green vegetable juice every morning.
  • Lose a few pounds if you are overweight and maintain your body weight.
  • Avoid charred meat as much as possible.
  • Make sure you are not in lack of iodine and maintain its levels.
  • Stay away from synthetic hormone therapies, phthalates, BPA and other xenoestrogens.

Keep yourself well-informed if you want to prevent from this disease!

In a sea of lies, it can be quite a challenge to find the truth, and don’t trust everything because it can be a misinformation, which can lead you away from the true evidence of how to protect yourself. As much as we like to believe it, the doctors are not reliable as they should be, because it is all about the gain and the profit. So, what is best for us to do?

Be physically active, eat smarted, live a healthier life, laugh more, avoid stress and simply enjoy every moment of life. Educate yourself more, read more and make your own decisions, that is the only way you can protect yourself not only from this disease, but from all!


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