Remove All Acids And Cleanse Your Body With These 9 Alkaline Foods

February 21, 2018 thehealthy 0

Human body has to maintain a normal pH balance so it can function properly. Unfortunately, modern diets disrupt this balance due to their high content of acidic drinks and foods. The moment the body becomes acidic, it becomes prone to numerous health problems, including toxic accumulation, inflammation, and weakening of […]

Balance Your Hormone Levels With These 6 Plants

January 28, 2018 thehealthy 0

Bloating, low energy levels, and anxiety are one of the most common signs of hormonal imbalance. Hormones have a very important role in the functioning of all bodily organs. Actually, hormones control the function of the tissue, digestive system, metabolism, movement, mood, stress, growth and development, reproduction, and respiration. If […]

The Reason Why You Should Drink Water In The Morning on an Empty Stomach

January 23, 2018 thehealthy 0

Japanese people drink water immediately after waking up. This is a very popular and effective practice which was proved to cure and handle epilepsy, bronchitis, breathing difficulties, throwing up, renal and urine conditions, diarrhoea, menstrual problems, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, meningitis, headaches, heart conditions, and eye disorders. The majority of people […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Consume More Dates Every Day

January 15, 2018 thehealthy 0

Dates are extremely helpful for our health. They improve our beauty and can be consumed on a daily basis. They are rich in magnesium, vitamin A, K, B6, manganese, niacin, copper, and riboflavin. Take a look at the following 7 reasons why you should start including dates in your diet […]